The history of the blog war to end all blog wars is being written right now. Here is Part II. I assure you, in time this classic will rival Thucydides!
Indeed. We. Live. In. Dangerous. Times.
And we don’t even know how the war will turn out. But, remember the age-old, tried-and-true maxim that history is written by the victors. While Don may not know exactly what twists and turns this war may take, you can bet he’ll be on the winning side. My advice is to read his analyses carefully.
UPDATE: Thinking the matter over carefully, I am drawn once again to George Santayana’s warning:

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Here, thanks to Don Watkins’ clairvoyant wit, bloggers are in the unique position of being able to avoid repeating future history.
Such opportunities arise very rarely. If we can avoid repeating the past which has not yet occurred, I think we should. I feel so strongly about this that I think it may be time to contact the United Nations’ Learned Lessons Unit.
This war is already having international repercussions. Maybe the UN can talk some sense into these people and prevent a repetition of future history….