Just Say “No!” To

Just Say “No!” To Blog Control! According to Eugene Volokh, some radio guy named Hugh Hewitt wants to rank bloggers according to hierarchy. Hewitt speaks of the “power blogs” — the Big Four Alliance, the Northern Alliance, the Southern Alliance, etc. Nice try, but I think Hugh might have been in heavily regulated talk radio […]


OKAY, OKAY, SO I AM NOT OKAY!! I am a lifetime NRA member. (Is that “okay?”) And, much as I like and respect Clayton Cramer for his admirable work on behalf of the Second Amendment, I must address his latest remarks about sodomy laws. (See my previous related blog. And if you enjoy that, here’s […]

Homo Agenda Laid Bare!

Homo Agenda Laid Bare! A lovely lady, The Misanthropic Bitch, has uncovered the REAL homosexual agenda! This blessed woman has even gone to the trouble of infiltrating the seamy homosexual underworld, populated as it is by the most sickening people, caught right in the act of “canoodling and pretending that eternal damnation doesn’t await them.” […]

Ain’t hard to be a

Ain’t hard to be a bard?

[Thursday, May 29, 2003] Baghdad

[Thursday, May 29, 2003] Baghdad Bob, Don’t Leave Us! Every blogger is dumping on Robert Scheer these days, and even though I’m still in the early “wannabe” blogger stages, I guess I am too. A couple of days ago I found the following absolute gem of a phrase: “Brownshirt hoodlums of talk radio” posted by […]

When you’re dead, who cares if you’re White or Male?

I wanted to address a concern expressed earlier (by a rather cool guy) about dead white males, but before I do that, I want to express my gratitude to Mike Silverman for two things: 1. For not complaining when I stole his Mad Libs version of the famous Scheer “Canard-O-Matic” and used it as a […]


NATURAL NEWS FLASH!!! In one of the most earthshaking developments in biotaxonomy since Karl Linnaeus, British blogsite Samizdata and the noted evolution scholar, Senator Rick Santorum, profoundly disagree on the scope of homo populations — and even on proper usage of the word “homo” itself! According to reliable sources at Scrappleface, Senator Santorum is fighting […]

Divide and Conquer —

Divide and Conquer — An Ancient Strategy Joel Mowbray demonstrates that the word “neocon” (I guess that’s less of a mouthful than “neoconservative”) is becoming new code language for “Jew.” As someone who tries to be “bicoastal” (as contradictory a mouthful as “bisexual’) I have seen anti-Semitism on both coasts, although considerably more on the […]

Those Who Honor Evil

Those Who Honor Evil Ignore History Jonah Goldberg reports that the lovable, sentimental German volk are considering the erection of a brand-new statue of Vladimir Lenin to replace the one toppled when the Wall fell. Goldberg follows with a culturally insensitive reminder that there are probably “still a few old Hitler statues lying around somewhere […]

One Last Divine Morsel…

One Last Divine Morsel… The gods eat too! And when they eat in America, they eat… breakfast tacos! Don’t take it from me; I am not making it up at all; my thanks to Sergeant Stryker for pointing it out, because if I started making claims like that without supporting documentation, I would lose all […]

(posted Sunday May 25 and

(posted Sunday May 25 and reposted because this blogger editor is acting up.) Made Up “Phony” Religion? Is it acceptable to make up religion? On my very own quasi-neo-pseudo-pagan web site? That is a legitimate question, because I think I have discovered a new god — the god of telemarketing revenge! I do hope the […]

(posted Saturday May 24, and

(posted Saturday May 24, and reposted because this blogger editor is acting up.) When the Gates are Open, We are at War! “I set out on this ground which I suppose to be self evident, that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it…” –Thomas […]

Many Dimes Worth of Sense

Many Dimes Worth of Sense Good old Glenn Reynolds has gotten me worked up again! It bothers me to hear bloggers characterized as mainly reacting to mainstream media stories which are later “closed out” by (guess who?) the mainstream media itself! I take it the Story of All Stories will be the “Rise and Fall […]

Gratuitous Medical Advice Feeling

Gratuitous Medical Advice Feeling drained, need to get unblogged? Here’s something not to do if you get depressed!

Americans IDOLIZE Classical Values!

Americans IDOLIZE Classical Values! ISLAMIC BIGOTS BACK OFF! Here’s another reason we need to return to Classical Values; the latest horror in the Culture War is a diktat from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that America henceforth be referred to as a country founded upon “Judeo-Christian-Islamic values.” Oh yeah? There are 1.4 million […]

Enough is Enough! I don’t

Enough is Enough! I don’t know if I’m allowed to engage in copycat antics on my blogsite, but Mike Silverman’s infectious genius (inspired by Shark Blog’s Canard-O-Matic) made it utterly impossible for me to leave the idea alone. I humbly present the Conservative Schism-O-Matic — and I deeply apologize if I haven’t been inclusive enough […]

Those Derogatory Cookies! Satire not

Those Derogatory Cookies! Satire not allowed at UCLA? Satire? You have to be kidding! Read and weep!

Neopaleoquasimodo, Bell Ringer of National Greatness Fusionism

Help! The definition of “conservative” or even “right” has never been a more contentious issue. Will someone please define the word “conservative” for me? How about “right” or “right wing?” What do these terms mean? As a libertarian, I’d like very much to know, because I am often accused by the left of being on […]

When Guns Are Outlawed, Terrorists

When Guns Are Outlawed, Terrorists Will Still Have Guns! My blogdaddy worries about gun control in Iraq. I am worried too, because while it might be a necessary evil for us to use combat-trained soldiers as police (despite the philosophical conflict with our constitutional traditions), should their very first lessons in police work involve confiscating […]

24 Years Ago Today….

On May 21, 1979, in the famous “Twinkie insanity” case, a sympathetic jury found disgruntled former San Francisco Supervisor Dan White guilty only of manslaughter despite the fact that he had coldbloodedly assassinated two people: San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, and the nation’s first gay city Supervisor, Harvey Milk (a man who endorsed me when […]